The men that make it all happen


Executive Director

Yitz Greenbaum is the guy that makes sure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. From hiring staff, creating bunks, daily activities, arranging trips, bussing, etc to just making sure camp is always running smoothly and safely.


Learning Director

The Legendary 8th grade Rebbi at Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven, Rabbi Peikes (AKA Rabbi Zoom) heads up our amazing learning program and our daily activities. From geshmaka learning groups, to his innovative ways of teaching, his connection with all the talmidim,  his tremendous scratch-off-ticket incentive programs, his world famous skits and plays, his superb QB skills, Rabbi Peikes does it all for Camp Chevra!


Head Counselor

Rabbi Sherman or "Rabbi" as he has become to be known, is the man with the plan, the man who makes the kids play switch everyday, the guy that takes 30 t-shirts a summer. He is however also the man who makes sure every single kid in Camp Chevra feels a part of something and is not left out. Rabbi Sherman is the best!!!


Assistant Head Counselor

Multi-talented Rabbi Dovi Wizel is the unsung hero of Camp Chevra. From his super acting and play producing skills, to having his hand in everything about camp, including Swikers, leagues, swim, trips, and capping it off as our Chevra X director. Dovi is one of a kind!


Swikers Director & Junior Division Head

Harav Ari Goldstein. The leader of hikes, the creater of shtenders, Ari is your guy. Ari is one of the sweetest people to be around, his warming personality and his swikers skills have kids running to join. Ari's creativity from each project to the next always seems to amaze. (also, Welcome back!)

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